Issue Areas

Property Tax Relief

For too long, the cost of government has been pushed onto property owners, and the legislature has taken a backseat in funding vital government services for Nebraskans.  High property taxes are not a way to fund our schools, or take care of our elderly and disabled. As a state senator, I will be an outspoken advocate for meaningful property tax relief.  

Economic Opportunities

We are experiencing a shrinking middle class across our state and across our country.  It is time for strong leadership, that will address stumbling blocks to success.  A successful community is one where everyone can earn a livable wage. In the legislature, I will fight for good-paying jobs,  paid family medical leave, job training opportunities, affordable college education, and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to provide for their family and achieve to their hopes and dreams.


Your child and every child deserves the best start from day one.  Early and consistent investment in education and care for our children is vital to the future economic growth and opportunity in our community and state.  In the legislature, I will fight for high-quality, affordable education at every age, from early care through college or vocational training.  

Health care

Affordable high-quality health care is a fundamental right for all Nebraskans. I will fight to improve access to high-quality health services through Medicaid. I will work to ensure that all women have access to reproductive health services, including requiring insurance companies to cover comprehensive prenatal care. I will partner with our state’s institutes of higher learning to ensure that Nebraska remains a national leader in health care education, delivery, and research. Above all, I will fight to ensure that no working family in Nebraska has to choose between paying medical bills and putting food on the table.

Small Business Development

Small businesses are a vital part of our state economy. As a member of the Nebraska Unicameral I will work with small business owners to target and eliminate unnecessary regulations that hamper growth and development in our neighborhoods and strengthen our pro-development tax incentive packages. The growth and development of small businesses are essential to the safety and prosperity of the neighborhoods in legislative district 6. As your state senator, I will work hard everyday to create opportunities for Nebraska businesses to thrive.